Compose the typography of a given text(s) using a typeface that was delivered to you. Follow the requirements below.

  • In the form of a book;
  • Use the typeface delivered to you;
  • Print your text in black or warm red;
  • Use text only, images are forbidden;
  • Use page numbers (folios);
  • Use (6×) 16 pages signatures, total page count: 96;
  • Title the table of content “Selected Shorts”;
  • Make the first page a table of content;
  • Make the last page a colophon;
  • Use the sewn and glued signatures binding technique;
  • Refrain to show process to the instructor on the screen;
  • Print process frequently to show progress;
  • Work independently.

  • Format
  • 13.5cm × 19.75cm

  • Downloads
  • Fonts Collection
  • Texts Collection