Chinese Tangram

Second Year Graphic Design Studio – Winter 2019

设计工作室 / 二年级,冬天二零一九年

During the second term of the Sophomore year, students will be focusing on developing aptitudes and skills useful to the task of design. We will be discussing the status of the designer and its contribution to society at large. This semester, craft will be particulary scrutinized, while plagiarism will be strictly forbidden.




Required Materials

Attend to all classes is essential. Un-excused absences will result in faults to the participation evaluation. Keep me updated if you need to miss class. In any case, the students are responsible for being up-to-date. Being late will be perceived the same way.

You will be evaluated according to your overall engagement in the projects. Your active participation during the semester will also be taken in account.

Assignment Criteria (General)

Week 1 – Feb 27
  • Spring cleanup
  • Course introduction and syllabus overview
  • About my teaching style, priorities and this course
  • Presentation: what is design?
  • Tutorial: pen tool in illustrator
  • Looking into some symbols

at Home
  • Pen tool exercise (Exercise I)

Week 2
  • Delivery: pen tool exercise
  • About Design Competitions
  • Review: Norman Potter
  • Presentation: modernism

at Home
  • Pen tool exercise (Exercise I) (Extension)
  • Fixing dates on timeline

Week 3
  • Delivery: pen tool exercise
  • Presentation: Ai Mi presents her publication: Be Water Journal
  • First assignment, part I, prompt
  • Vectors, bitmap, resolution, methods
  • Looking at logos
  • Training skills: work in class

at Home
  • Selection tool exercise (Exercise II)
  • Start first assignment

Week 4 – Mar 20
  • Lu Shan presents her works
  • (If time permits) former students’ work – samples
  • Looking at first assignment, part I, critique

at Home
  • Work on first assignment
  • Ask me anything: prepare questions

Week 5 – Mar 27
  • Delivery: first assignment part I
  • First assignment part II
  • Work in class / presentation He Pianpian

at Home
  • First assignment part II

Week 6 – Apr 3
  • First assignment – extension

at Home
  • Finalize the first assignment

Week 7 – Apr 10
  • Delivery: first assignment part I and II
  • Showing: some ONF shorts
  • Skills training: exercise 3 in class

at Home
  • Exercise III
  • Next class: bring a good camera with video option
  • Next class: deliver exercise

Week 8 – Apr 17
  • Delivery: exercise III
  • Document exercise III
  • Presentation of second assignment

at Home
  • Work on second assignment

Week 9 – Apr 24
  • Presentation: Ways of Seeing
  • Work on second assignment in class

at Home
  • Work on second assignment

Week 10 – May 1
  • Workers Holiday
Week 11 – May 8
  • Delivery: delivery of second assignment
  • Skills: looking at required skills
  • Presentation of third assignment

at Home
  • Work on third assignment
  • Next class: bring all your compositional elements

Week 12 – May 15
  • Third assignment, critique
  • Presentation: Rams

at Home
  • Continue PART I

Week 13 – May 22
  • Critique
  • Work on third assignment

at Home
  • Work on third assignment

Week 14 – May 29
  • Third assignment delivery and critique
  • Fourth assignment: presentation

at Home
  • Work on fourth assignment

Week TBD
  • Delivery: delivery of fourth assignment